An automobile’s brakes are one of most important components of any vehicle – car, truck or other.

Failure to read the signs of faulty brakes can result in severe damage to the car, or even worse, injuries or fatalities by way of an auto accident.

What Do Brake Problems Sound Like?

You may be in need of brake repair if your brakes begin to emit a squeaking noise. Another more disturbing sound you may hear would be a scraping or grinding noise. Both of these noises may indicate the need for a professional to check and likely perform some type of brake repair.

Are There Other Signs of Brake Problems?

Indeed there are! Vibrations in your steering could be also caused from misaligned brakes. Misaligned or improperly aligned brakes may not have been installed properly or they may have shifted due to a fender bender or other auto accident. Driving with improperly aligned brakes is a danger to yourself and all other drivers that share the road with you. A professional auto repair facility can help in correcting this brake problem and have you back on the road safely in no time.

Unresponsive brakes or a soft, spongy feel to the brakes when slowing or stopping may also be indicative of brake problems within the system. Brake issues left unchecked will result with even bigger problems if not an auto accident.  To ensure that your brake repair is done properly, it is always advised that you take your car or truck to a trusted mechanic or auto repair shop. If you’re in the greater Columbia, SC area, Sanford’s Automotive Service (located in Columbia, SC) is your top choice for any brake problems you may be experiencing!

What Is Going On With My Brakes?

When an automobile’s brakes begin to emit unsettling noises or cause disruption to the car’s brake system, they are most likely in need of professional brake repair. A squeaking, scraping or grinding sound is often a sign that your brake pads or rotors need to be replaced. The other indicators of brake issues discussed can sometimes be attributed to worn or damaged brake linings or even air within the brake lines. Due to the serious nature of brake issues and the importance of your automobile’s brakes, any brake problem should be dealt with by a certified mechanic unless you are extremely knowledgeable about auto repairs, your specific make and model, and feel safe driving with a repair you have done yourself.

Remember – every time you get behind the wheel, you are taking your life and the lives of every other driver around you into your hands. Be sure that it’s capable hands that performed the brake repair on your car or truck.