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Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on How to Check and Remove Lug Nuts

As part of your regular auto maintenance, you should inspect your wheels.  This means checking to see that lug nuts are properly tightened.  It seems like something minor, but taking this quick step can save you from a really big problem if one of the wheels would come off. How

Bench Test Your Ignition Coil w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

The only way to properly test and get a positive determination on whether the ignition coil is going bad is to use a multi-meter.  The Columbia, SC Auto Repair Pro explains how to test your ignition coil and why you need to use a multi-meter to do it. Why Use

Replace a Worn or Warped Brake Disc w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

A worn brake disc that has become warped can be a real pain in the butt.  Lucky for you, replacing a warped or worn out brake disc is not too hard to do.  Before starting on a brake repair or any work in the area of the wheel, take extra

Testing Electrical Problems with Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Automotive problems are always a headache.  Electrical issues or needing electrical repairs can be even more problematic.  The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro is here to explain how to troubleshoot some electrical problems using a test light.  Using a test light is pretty simple and can often rule out certain