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Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on How to Check and Remove Lug Nuts

As part of your regular auto maintenance, you should inspect your wheels.  This means checking to see that lug nuts are properly tightened.  It seems like something minor, but taking this quick step can save you from a really big problem if one of the wheels would come off. How

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Electrical Repairs and Fuses

Sometimes we have what seem like automotive electrical problems, but often turn out to be nothing more than a fuse. The Columbia, SC Auto Repair Pro wants to help you determine if you need automotive electrical repair or simple fuse replacement. Auto Fuse Basics: Types of Fuses Automotive fuses come

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on What to Put in Winter Auto Kits

An unexpected auto repair or auto emergency is never a good thing, but in winter conditions, it can kill.  Whether you’re off on a Holiday road trip or just on a winter adventure, knowing the proper equipment for a winter preparedness kit can save your life.  If you are to

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Auto Repair and Automotive Gifts for Anyone

As the holidays draw nearer, many of you are beginning to think of Christmas gift ideas.  There are all kinds of great automotive items and auto repair services that make wonderful gifts for both men and women.  As the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro, I thought I’d be remiss to