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Five Tips to Improve Fuel Economy by the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

ASE Certified mechanic Michael Sanford knows all about the issues drivers face.  Today our Columbia, SC Auto Repair Pro is saving you cash by helping you improve your gas mileage. Check your Air Filter If your air filter is filled with debris it restricts the air flow into your engine. 

Diagnosing Exhaust Smoke with Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Sure, on a cool morning your exhaust might make a little steam, but when it’s smoke coming out of your tailpipe, you need to find out why. Exhaust Smoke: Troubleshooting by Color Exhaust smoke generally occurs in one of three colors.  The exhaust smoke will either be black, white or

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro Replaces Fuel Tank Sending Unit

Your solution to unusual activity with your gas gauge or repeatedly running out of gas on a regular basis may be a faulty fuel tank sending unit, or fuel sender.  In most cars, this really isn’t as big an auto repair as it may sound.  Start with your auto manual. 

How to Replace Your Fuel Filter by Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

When the time comes to replace your auto’s fuel filter, it is an auto repair that needs to get taken care of before it leads to other complications.  Lucky for you, this is one of the auto repairs that can be safely handled by a home mechanic.  A beginner in