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Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro w Checklist for Buying a Used Car

The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro knows that buying a car is a big deal…and buying a used car can be scary.  Private sellers do not have all of the same laws and regulations for buyer protection that a dealership may offer.  When you buy a car from a private

Troubleshooting Engine Hesitation with the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

You step on the gas but the engine is slow to respond.  You can feel you are lacking power, and you fear there are auto repairs in your near future.  Before you get too worried, let the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro walk you through troubleshooting and diagnosing engine hesitation

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro Replaces Fuel Tank Sending Unit

Your solution to unusual activity with your gas gauge or repeatedly running out of gas on a regular basis may be a faulty fuel tank sending unit, or fuel sender.  In most cars, this really isn’t as big an auto repair as it may sound.  Start with your auto manual.