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Top 10 Spring Fixes for Your Car w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Spring has long been associated with new beginnings, new growth and fresh starts.  So along with your spring planting and spring cleaning, be sure to remember to perform your spring auto check.  The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro will walk you through the spring fix ups, auto maintenance and checkups

Diagnosing Exhaust Smoke with Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Sure, on a cool morning your exhaust might make a little steam, but when it’s smoke coming out of your tailpipe, you need to find out why. Exhaust Smoke: Troubleshooting by Color Exhaust smoke generally occurs in one of three colors.  The exhaust smoke will either be black, white or

Troubleshooting Transmission Repair Help with Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

All auto repairs are usually a headache when they come unexpectedly.  Transmission problems are ALWAYS a headache because we all know, transmission repairs are never cheap. Your transmission problems will fit into one of 2 categories.  The first is it simply will not go.  The second is that it does