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Who Is the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro?

Sure, our various auto repair and automotive related blogs give you all sorts of helpful car advice, informative and easy to follow auto repair tutorials, and great tips and tricks straight from our ASE Certified Master Mechanic.  But we would like to tell you a little more about the Columbia,

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro w Checklist for Buying a Used Car

The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro knows that buying a car is a big deal…and buying a used car can be scary.  Private sellers do not have all of the same laws and regulations for buyer protection that a dealership may offer.  When you buy a car from a private

Troubleshooting Transmission Repair Help with Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

All auto repairs are usually a headache when they come unexpectedly.  Transmission problems are ALWAYS a headache because we all know, transmission repairs are never cheap. Your transmission problems will fit into one of 2 categories.  The first is it simply will not go.  The second is that it does