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Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro w More Steering and Suspension Troubleshooting

Last week our Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro talked about the complex network known as your automobile’s suspension system and how to troubleshoot suspension and steering problems.  As previously explained, in order to function properly and provide a smooth ride, the suspension system’s components must operate in perfect sync.  If

Troubleshooting the Car by Sound w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Our vehicles make all sorts of noises and not all unusual noises necessarily mean you are headed for auto repairs. But the sounds an auto makes can often help in diagnosing what the problem may be. Let us have a look at some of the most common automobile sounds that

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Rear End Differential Repairs

So you think you may need work on the rear end differential? No problem!  But before you bring your car or truck in for rear differential repairs, look through this list of common signs pointing to rear differential problems. What is a rear differential? Your differential is responsible for distributing

Auto Air Conditioner Checklist – Columbia SC Auto Repair Tips

Temperatures are on the rise and A/C use is too! Before we need the air conditioning every day, you should check out your automobiles’ air conditioning system using this checklist. Before we start, I must mention safety.  You should ALWAYS use extreme caution when working or even looking under the