A worn brake disc that has become warped can be a real pain in the butt.  Lucky for you, replacing a warped or worn out brake disc is not too hard to do.  Before starting on a brake repair or any work in the area of the wheel, take extra caution to make sure your auto is safely and securely supported with jack stands.

Mechanic Tip: A tire-changing standard auto jack is NEVER a safe support!

Brake Repair: Get Ready to Change the Brake Discs

So you have your new brake discs in hand.  Before you begin, you will need to gather the following items to complete this auto brake disc repair:

  • Auto jack and stands
  • A lug wrench
  • An Allen wrench
  • A large Phillips head screwdriver
  • Either open end or ratchet wrench set
  • A dead blow hammer
  • A c-clamp

Brake Repair: Learn How to Remove the Brake Caliper

In order to replace your brake disc, you will first need to remove the brake caliper.  The brake caliper should be in the 12 o’clock position located right above the lug nuts.  On the back side of the brake caliper you will find a bolt on either side. You will need to remove both of these bolts and keep them set aside in a safe location.  These bolts will be either a hex bolt or an Allen bolt.

Holding the caliper from the top, pull it upward.  You may have to give it a wiggle or two to get it off.  It that doesn’t do it, a few light taps upward will usually do the trick.  You will want to pull it up and a little bit away, taking caution not to put any extra stress on the attached brake line.

Mechanic Tip: To hold your caliper in a safe, out of the way place, try using a bungee cord to hang it from something, such as the giant coil spring you are looking at.  NEVER let it dangle by the brake line as it could cause damage or even total brake failure!

Brake Repair: Learn How to Remove the Carrier

With the brake caliper off, you now need to remove the structure that holds the caliper and brake pads in place.  This part is called the carrier.  Much like the caliper, it will have two bolts on the back side.  Get them off and you are good.  Hang on to those bolts too.  You will need them when you put it all back together.

Brake Repair: Learn How to Unbolt the Brake Disc

Now that you have a clear shot you can get the bad brake disc off.  There will be one or two screws on the front that holds it on.  These are usually a little tough to get loosened up.  With a little elbow grease and a large Phillips head screwdriver you can get them out.  If that doesn’t work and you have a stripped screw, you’ll need to follow these instructions for easily removing a stripped screw.

Once the screws are out you should be able to slide the worn brake disc right off the hub.  If it seems to stick, you can give it a few taps with the hammer to loosen it up a little.

Brake Repair: Learn How to Install the New Brake Disc

Now you’re ready to get that brand new brake disc on!  Start by sliding it right on where you just removed the other.  Now simply follow the directions again, but in reverse to reattach all of the parts and screws along the way.

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