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Top 10 Spring Fixes for Your Car w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Spring has long been associated with new beginnings, new growth and fresh starts.  So along with your spring planting and spring cleaning, be sure to remember to perform your spring auto check.  The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro will walk you through the spring fix ups, auto maintenance and checkups

Troubleshooting the Car by Sound w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Our vehicles make all sorts of noises and not all unusual noises necessarily mean you are headed for auto repairs. But the sounds an auto makes can often help in diagnosing what the problem may be. Let us have a look at some of the most common automobile sounds that

Dashboard Lights & Meanings Pt.1 – Columbia SC Auto Repair Tips

These days, cars and trucks are sporting more dashboard warning lights than ever.  While they offer some knowledge that your auto has a problem, they don’t diagnose the auto repair you may need. With so many warning lights, buzzers and alerts it sometimes isn’t even clear what the indicator lit