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Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro with a Summer Auto Maintenance Checklist

Temperatures are on the rise and the near of the school year is coming fast.  That means we are already looking towards summer and all of that extra driving and road hazards that comes with it.  Is your vehicle ready for the taxing summer months?  The Columbia, SC Auto Repair

Top 10 Spring Fixes for Your Car w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Spring has long been associated with new beginnings, new growth and fresh starts.  So along with your spring planting and spring cleaning, be sure to remember to perform your spring auto check.  The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro will walk you through the spring fix ups, auto maintenance and checkups

How to Flush the Radiator by the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

There are many ways you can help avoid costly problems and auto repairs.  Maintaining you car or truck on a regular schedule is one of the best ways to do this. Flushing your radiator is something that should be worked into your regular automotive maintenance schedule. In order for your