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Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Electric Cooling Fan Troubleshooting

When the electric cooling fan does not come on you risk overheating your engine and compromising your air conditioning system. The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro has more details on troubleshooting problems with your electric cooling fan now. Electric Cooling Fan – How It Works Your electric cooling fan is

Columbia Auto Repair Pro on Diagnosing Wheel Speed Sensors

When your wheel speed sensor, also referred to as the WSS, fails or you have issues with the sensor’s wiring circuit, it will likely disable your ABS system, and in turn,  triggering your ABS dash warning light. This is a severe problem. The ABS module must get accurate input from

Winter Auto Maintenance with Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Automotive maintenance and safety is important year round, but there are some auto maintenance tasks that should never be overlooked when colder weather is on the way.  Performing regular and season auto maintenance will save you from bigger auto repairs in the future. Your car’s various systems can be greatly

The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Checking a Timing Belt

Do you know how to inspect your timing belt?  I have talked before about the importance of regular automotive maintenance.  Inspecting your timing belt may be one of the simplest and most important steps in regular auto maintenance.  Simple and important do not usually seem to go hand in hand,