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Troubleshooting Engine Hesitation with the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

You step on the gas but the engine is slow to respond.  You can feel you are lacking power, and you fear there are auto repairs in your near future.  Before you get too worried, let the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro walk you through troubleshooting and diagnosing engine hesitation

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on NO CRANK NO START What is Going On

You turn the key and the car doesn’t start.  This doesn’t always mean a trip to the auto repair shop. When your car will not start, it could be caused by many things.  The best idea is to determine where your problem originates. Before calling the mechanic or heading for

Must Carry Items for Your Auto by the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

For the Sake of Safety: Things You Should ALWAYS Carry in Your Vehicle Last week we talked about the essential tools to keep in your auto repair toolbox.  Today we want to have a look at the other items you need, because tools alone can’t always solve the problem.  Using

Changing Spark Plug Wires with the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Spark plug wires should not be forgotten when performing routine checkups or while changing your spark plugs.  Better yet, changing the spark plug wires is usually a relatively easy job that you can easily do if you will follow our instructions.  If you feel you have spark plug or spark